Monday, December 5, 2011

Alienware M17x R3 Intel Core i7 Laptop

M17x Alienware’s first 3D Capable gaming laptop
  • Choose NVIDIA® graphics and the 120Hz 3D panel option for in your face 3D Graphics.
  • Put yourself in the action with an optional 17", full high-definition (HD) 1080p display.
  • Power through hard-core games and intense applications with the latest Intel® Core™ i processors.

Killer Graphics

You'll be ducking for cover with hyperrealistic graphics options powered by your choice of NVIDIA® or AMD graphics. Looking for another dimension? Choose NVIDIA graphics and the 120Hz 3D panel option for an in-your-face 3D experience. Your 3D games and Blu-Ray content have never looked so real!

Note: Optional Blu-Ray drive required to view Blu-Ray content.

Killer View

Regardless of what's on your screen, it's going to look amazing on the M17x. If you like to crank up the resolution settings or you're an HD junkie, upgrade to the optional 120hz full-HD display for the ultimate viewing experience. Want to hook it up to a larger display or television? The M17x has you covered with easily accessible HDMI ports, one mini display port, and a VGA port. With this much flexibility, domination has never looked so good.

Beyond the Performance

Plug into your larger screen television or displays using the HDMI 1.4 or the mini display port outputs. If you are strapped for space, don't worry. Just utilize the HDMI Input port to connect any HDMI device and use the display on your M17x. For ultrafast data transfers, use the new USB 3.0 ports. For great sound, enjoy Audio Powered by Klipsh® on the M17x.

Dominating Speed and Intelligent Power

Search and destroy with options such as the all new second-generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processors. Need extra power? Intel® Turbo Boost 2.0 technology automatically speeds up your processor for added performance. Want to stay unplugged for a while? Available NVIDIA Optimus technology automatically adjusts your graphics power to the task at hand (Optimus™ technology not available on 3-D Enabled units). End result: On demand power without sacrificing battery life or performance.

Mission Control
Control and personalize your system from the user-friendly Alienware Command Center.

AlienTouch: TouchPad Controls — Customize your touch pad's sensitivity to help prevent accidental contact and activate virtual scrolling to enable vertical and horizontal scrolling with just a simple touch.
Alienware M17x Laptop (Overview)

AlienTouch: TouchPad Controls 

AlienFX: Lighting Controls — Choose from an array of color and transition effects across distinct zones, including the keyboard, touch pad and more.
Alienware M17x Laptop (Overview)

AlienFX: Lighting Controls

AlienFusion: Power Management — You decide when you need maximum performance or when to scale back for more everyday programs.
AlienFusion: Power Management


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