Tuesday, January 24, 2012


KERYKES - Urban Activity Generator

Ephemeral Structures Cultural Oympiad
Athens 2004

Int. Competition 2003
Honourable Mention

KERYKES are multifunctional platforms which generate a broad variety of programs and events. In peripheral areas, where shopping, production and living miss a cultural institution or social space, KERYKES offer a new location as a meeting place for local citizens and visitors of the Olympic Games. These event structures have a daily rhythm that adjusts to everyday patterns like shopping and commuting as well as to special events and leisure activities. With KERYKES as activity generators, community activity and tourist events melt into one special moment of interaction. KERYKES are unprogrammed structures which provoke all different kinds of activity. Internet cafes, daytime sleeping areas, exhibitions and consulting offices might be a possible addition to the shopping and commuting ritual. Fun sports, open air movies and theaters add another layer of attraction onto this part of the city. KERYKES are adressing the people of Athens to realize certain events for a limited time. One or more structures can be placed next to each other. Each KERYX can be rotated to serve different needs. In combination with each other a complex set of an activity landscape offer highly differentiated spaces.


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